Bags designs are important, What about customers satisfaction and experience?

As bag manufacturer, it’s very important for us to consider the end customers as many details as possible during production.

The first photo was taken on my way back to Guangzhou yesterday. The shoulder straps are tilted up, which I’m sure the person feels annoyed 😒 if it keeps going on like this every time.

Solution🔑: For all of our bags, i always remind the sample room to add one more loop to keep the strap stay on position.

The 3rd photo, one of our orders was fixed with smaller screws for the lock, it is a big quality issue.
Solution🔑: We now replace all smaller screws with bigger ones to keep bag safer. We may make mistakes but We learn and improve each time from complaints and bad issues.

The last one, to keep the bag in good condition when our clients received the delivery, high quality and professional packaging is also important process during our work.
Solution 🔑: We use eco foam to protect the bag in case the chain pressure marks on body bag during delivery.

Design is important, So does customer experience.💕


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