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Nylon Backpack

Our most popular nylon backpack! Excellent workmanship, really functional and fashion design! Material could do recycled nylon too😁😁 you could also change to do other materials very quickly and easily since we are just in the material market.Very busy for canton fair this week too.Please contact me if you want to make sample or have a factory visit! nylonbackpack #backpack #cantonfair #modiccifashion

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Straw bag collection

Here we have some new straw bags collection. We could do sketches to real sample and then final production! Even ship goods to your warehouse! Contact us to get more information! Thanks.

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Straw bag with PU leather trimming or real leather trimming manufacture

Hi everyone, we have new items arrival! Please check some images, that’s straw bag, which is perfect for summer holidays! You could customize your own label/logo and even some positive sayings!! We could produce the straw bag with or without inside lining. Since we have our own designer, we could show you the artwork/sketch when you just show us your rough ideas! Next step, we’ll help you with the real sample, trust me, that’s the most exciting moment when you see the design come true life! Welcome to contact us to make sample first to check the quality! Email: Thanks.

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Top 7 ways to do long should strap for crossbody bags

Here we want to introduce 7 different ways normally we do long shoulder strap. Option 1# thicker Pu strap Option 2# normal thin Pu strap Option 3# full normal chain strap Option 4# webbing strap Option 5# chain with PU on top Option 6# chain&PU mix strap Option 7# oversized chain strap Below some examples for your reference. Can do other types of strap. Any inquiry, please send us email or call. Thanks.

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How is the hot brand designs 2020 look like?

When you start to do research or get some inspiration before doing your own designs or fashion bags business, it’s better to check the fashion trends. The number one is to look back the hottest styles recently. Today we would like to share some hot styles of the well known brand during 2020! Let’s go ahead! It will not wrong to do some references as the brand to make your own styles with your features for sure. We did Some styles with similar trims or shapes over this year. Please see below some details. Which styles inspire you a lot? We could produce bags and small leather goods, if you are going to make sample, please contact us. Or any requirements, just send email. We will reply immediately.

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5 Key Elements When Sourcing AW2021 Handbags for Generation Z

2020 is the year of magic, but we will all face and greet the new year with a positive attitude! In the post-epidemic era, the dark trend is a visual manifestation of people’s anxieties and fears, fighting fear with positive and proactive energy. In an ever-changing world, Generation Z has a strong curiosity and desire to express themselves, discovering new things and expressing themselves through new social media. They advocate a dark horror aesthetic, are keen on niche culture, maintain a certain sense of mystery, and wear a rebellious, modern style. In this case, when you sourcing the handbags for season AW2021, your should focus on those things that Generation Z prefer, especially something unique and personalized! I am going to share 5 key elements you should focus on when developing and sourcing AW2021 handbags. COLOR–moonless night & fiery red Moonless Night The uncertainty of the future seems to place people in a long, dark, moonless night that never sees the light of day. Black can express mystery and fear of the cosmic forces. Fiery Red Fiery red represents the positive spirit of the rebirth of the phoenix, full of impulse and power. MATERIAL–Patent leather/PU leather High-gloss patent leather is the key material for the Autumn/Winter 21/22 theme, with its seductive properties and rich colours, it has a strong presence and an eye-catching look that attracts trendsetting consumers. PATTERN–Hand-painted graffiti Hand-painted graffiti visuals and fluid effects bring a special sense of fluidity to the characters, making the patterns seductive in

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The 100 hottest bags of the year, whoever carries them looks good!!!

Today, I have compiled a super detailed list of bags for different brands, from big brands to luxury brands to niche brands, and I have almost found 100 of them. When it comes to the hottest bags of the last two years, there’s no doubt that the underarm bag! And to say that the hottest brand of underarm bag is absolutely BY FAR. BY FAR The brand is a Bulgarian brand that started out as a shoe brand, with a unique and elegant design with a charming vintage accent. It is very popular among girls. The most classic Rachel bag is the one that has been on fire for the past two years. The flattened rectangular bag with a short handle is still carried by lots people. There are more other amazing designs arriving… Some Pick-Ups COACH The new COACH Willis and Originals series of screw-lock clutches are both classic bags from ’79, full of nostalgia. Both in style and color, it’s good looking and practical! Some Pick-Ups CHLOÉ I’ve always thought that CHLOÉ’s bags are very practical. The C Bag was launched last spring/summer and has been a hit with many bloggers, but I have to say that it really looks great! Some Pick-Ups Balenciaga Balenciaga has gone off the beaten path these past two years and has come out with a lot of shopping bag collections that have a lot of personality. But last year’s Balenciaga hourglass bag, it’s so beautiful, really fall in love with the second

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