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5 Key Elements When Sourcing AW2021 Handbags for Generation Z

2020 is the year of magic, but we will all face and greet the new year with a positive attitude! In the post-epidemic era, the dark trend is a visual manifestation of people’s anxieties and fears, fighting fear with positive and proactive energy. In an ever-changing world, Generation Z has a strong curiosity and desire to express themselves, discovering new things and expressing themselves through new social media. They advocate a dark horror aesthetic, are keen on niche culture, maintain a certain sense of mystery, and wear a rebellious, modern style. In this case, when you sourcing the handbags for season AW2021, your should focus on those things that Generation Z prefer, especially something unique and personalized! I am going to share 5 key elements you should focus on when developing and sourcing AW2021 handbags. COLOR–moonless night & fiery red Moonless Night The uncertainty of the future seems to place people in a long, dark, moonless night that never sees the light of day. Black can express mystery and fear of the cosmic forces. Fiery Red Fiery red represents the positive spirit of the rebirth of the phoenix, full of impulse and power. MATERIAL–Patent leather/PU leather High-gloss patent leather is the key material for the Autumn/Winter 21/22 theme, with its seductive properties and rich colours, it has a strong presence and an eye-catching look that attracts trendsetting consumers. PATTERN–Hand-painted graffiti Hand-painted graffiti visuals and fluid effects bring a special sense of fluidity to the characters, making the patterns seductive in

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