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We Are Back to Work from CNY Holiday

Hello Guys, we are finally back to work after the Chinese New Year holiday!can do the below services from now :#Newsamplemaking#Newcollectiondevelopment#Elementssourcing#Neworderproduction#Customizelogo#Choosestylesfromourside Production is scheduled until the end of May, so please contact us as soon as possible as we can still prioritize production for the orders before March, the sooner you contact us, the sooner you will receive your goods and sell out. We could help you from your first idea to goods arrival on your address, only if you share us your thoughts.please come to contact us now. Thanks

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10 Steps to Develop Reliable Handbag Suppliers From China

Your company currently wants to develop a new product line of fashion handbag or you just want to change your new handbag supplier. You are the company’s buyer. One day morning, your boss Mark sends you an email: And then you replied as below: But, you’re actually still in a foggy state of mind. That’s when you try to google and gather all the information you want about it. Congratulations, you’ve found me! It is very difficult to choose a reliable supplier because the suppliers are very far away from us. In order to minimize the risk and loss, it is very important to research and cultivate the suppliers beforehand, and fashion women’s bags are no exception. As a supplier from Guangzhou, China, we are well aware of the pain points you, our customers, have about finding a reliable supplier in China. For this reason, we have made the following summary, which is a total of 10 steps to develop reliable handbag suppliers from China Supplier Classification We can categorize suppliers in several ways: Based on the material used or function of bags: PU/Canvas/nylon/jacquard/leather, lady bags or men bags, large bags or wallet. Based on production capacity of supplier. small handbag MOQ with lots different bags styles, low production capacity, handbag industry expert, handbag Industry Leaders. Based on the business types of supplier: OEM/ODM/OBM which means whether they have developing new style ability or not. if you want to choose some styles from supplier, then ask if they develop new

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The 100 hottest bags of the year, whoever carries them looks good!!!

Today, I have compiled a super detailed list of bags for different brands, from big brands to luxury brands to niche brands, and I have almost found 100 of them. When it comes to the hottest bags of the last two years, there’s no doubt that the underarm bag! And to say that the hottest brand of underarm bag is absolutely BY FAR. BY FAR The brand is a Bulgarian brand that started out as a shoe brand, with a unique and elegant design with a charming vintage accent. It is very popular among girls. The most classic Rachel bag is the one that has been on fire for the past two years. The flattened rectangular bag with a short handle is still carried by lots people. There are more other amazing designs arriving… Some Pick-Ups COACH The new COACH Willis and Originals series of screw-lock clutches are both classic bags from ’79, full of nostalgia. Both in style and color, it’s good looking and practical! Some Pick-Ups CHLOÉ I’ve always thought that CHLOÉ’s bags are very practical. The C Bag was launched last spring/summer and has been a hit with many bloggers, but I have to say that it really looks great! Some Pick-Ups Balenciaga Balenciaga has gone off the beaten path these past two years and has come out with a lot of shopping bag collections that have a lot of personality. But last year’s Balenciaga hourglass bag, it’s so beautiful, really fall in love with the second

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