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Hello all my friends, hope you all stay safe and most important thing is to keep yourself positive! I believe lots of you feel the same as me. Over the past months this year, I feel frustrated, self-doubt, and lack confidence in the #handbag industry. Truly feel uncertain about the future! Then I watch some videos and bought lots of books about how to adjust our emotions; how to work efficiently; how to manage time; and even how to get rich, which i know is cheesy. but it does work. When you set goals and work to move towards it day by day, You won’t have time to be anxious. I’m so much impressed by what #garyvee said “just put in work and enjoy that.” and I am also motivated by the author of “Educated” #TaraWestover “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “Think & Grow Rich” do help a lot. Every month I’m so excited to go to the market. Earlier this year, the whole market was quiet, which is very sad. That means our customers’ businesses were worse too. Yesterday I went to the local market to help some customers source some new trims for the #AW21 #SS22 #fashionbags. Happy to say that it seems the whole market is a bit busy. It really gives me a bit more confidence. Those shiny and sparkle items attract me the most. #handbagfactory #productdevelopment #bags #newseason Please share some books which you are very impressed and motivated too. What new

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May is absolutely awesome! I feel so good to communicate with her and always very helpful and professional from development to end delivery.
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