The 100 hottest bags of the year, whoever carries them looks good!!!

Today, I have compiled a super detailed list of bags for different brands, from big brands to luxury brands to niche brands, and I have almost found 100 of them.

When it comes to the hottest bags of the last two years, there’s no doubt that the underarm bag! And to say that the hottest brand of underarm bag is absolutely BY FAR.


The brand is a Bulgarian brand that started out as a shoe brand, with a unique and elegant design with a charming vintage accent. It is very popular among girls.

The most classic Rachel bag is the one that has been on fire for the past two years. The flattened rectangular bag with a short handle is still carried by lots people.


There are more other amazing designs arriving…

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The new COACH Willis and Originals series of screw-lock clutches are both classic bags from ’79, full of nostalgia. Both in style and color, it’s good looking and practical!

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I’ve always thought that CHLOÉ’s bags are very practical. The C Bag was launched last spring/summer and has been a hit with many bloggers, but I have to say that it really looks great!

C LOGO~cute and vibrant
DARIA~cool and modern

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Balenciaga has gone off the beaten path these past two years and has come out with a lot of shopping bag collections that have a lot of personality.

But last year’s Balenciaga hourglass bag, it’s so beautiful, really fall in love with the second ~ and the details are also very fine, although it looks small, but can fit daily essentials and it just matches all colors.

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Since Burberry changed designers, the style has become younger and more modern, with a distinctive high street style.

The new TB logo and BURBERRY capital letters give a minimalist yet youthful and handsome feel.

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Fendi’s latest season macaron powder, really cute and surprise me, soft velvet texture with embossing is simply the perfect match!

With the recent Fendi Peekaboo collection, there are a lot of floral designs by constrast color leather looks extra springy.

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The Puzzle bag is the classic Loewe bag that has brought fire to Loewe. From its launch to the present, it has come out with a large and small bag, with a geometric and artistic design that is not only recognizable but also practical.

Loewe Gate has been a hit since its launch, with a half-moon saddlebag with straps design that looks good and chic.

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Saint Laurent

YSL Niki is so hot that many brands have come out with similar bag type. Not only can it be used as a shoulder or a crossbody, but it also so functional.

The new Kaia saddle bags also have a great personality, with a clean and simple shape and the classic YSL logo, which is smaller than the Niki bag, though the sapce is totally enough for essentials.

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Bottega Veneta

If you don’t know about the cloud bag this year, then you’re out!

Bottega Veneta is a brand that has produced many amazing bags since Daniel Lee took over.

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Celine?

Celine’s classic Classic, even with a change of designer, still sits at the top of the list.

However, Hedi Slimane also brought a lot of changes to Celine, young and recognizable, such as the increasingly famous triumph clasp bag, the triple with a special reverse double C triumph clasp, sophisticated and different.

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All Chanel styles are all the rage, but which one to buy? let’s check the CHANEL 19

Especially WAIST, which gets better and better the more it looks. The soft silhouette handbag feels very nice, the old metal chain has Chanel’s unique dashing, cute and elegant.

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Since last year, DIOR has also been at the forefront of the bag world, especially the Book Tote and the Saddlebag, which street photographers and celebrities alike love to pamper, and the new colors that came out a while ago are also cool.

But it’s Lady Dior that’s the most classic, bringing out the best of Dior’s style traits.

DIOR’s 30 Montaigne has been a hit since its launch, and I love the fanny pack model, which looks cool and sassy in its stiff version.

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Speaking of Gucci, last year’s hottest bag had to be 1955!

The horsebit logo is very classic and really has a lot of flavor. And with all kinds of colors and patterns, there’s even more Gucci whimsy!

Gucci SS2020’s new 1955 horsebit shopping bag, the large bag shape also satisfies the taste of more people.

Gucci SS2020 has also launched a new replica Jackie underarm bag in a retro style and fresh colorway, super chic.

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Louis Vuitton

If there’s one brand of bag you can carry all your life, it’s LV.

I think LV is also younger and more fashionable now than it was before, and the classic old flower is like an era and a brand imprint.

I love LV’s mahjong bag, it’s small and delicate, but it’s very compact, it’s like a sparrow that’s small but can hold everything.

The recently released colorful Onthego, the colorful floral is suitable for the bright spring and summer festival for ever!

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I love the Prada Spring/Summer 2020 woven bags and bucket bags, they’re classic but not dated.

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The Brillant is one of the most iconic models in the family, with a classic silhouette that is both dignified and elegant.

Another good-looking version is the Tempete, which is a bit more vibrant and feminine.

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More Other Styles…

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